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Kacey Musgraves - Christmas Fail (Interlude)

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Lirik Kacey Musgraves - Christmas Fail (Interlude)

As the Christmas hour drew closer and closer
Kacey was feeling less and less relaxed
For it was too late to buy gifts for her band
Ugh, how did I forget to buy gifts for all the band?
You see, she had all year
I had all year
But the truth is, she just didn't know what to get those guys
I didn't know what to get those guys
And she'd been so busy
I've been so busy
Like super, super busy
They get it (Mmkay)
And to make matters worse, she'd just said all this out loud in front of the band themselves
Don't worry about it Kacey, we don't really need gifts
We do get paid and all
No, you guys do so much for me
I'm gonna figure this out, I promise
You know what? Maybe this'll help