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Kacey Musgraves - Cookies (Interlude)

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Lirik Kacey Musgraves - Cookies (Interlude)

Hi Kacey, what's going on? Everything okay?
I guess
What's the matter?
I thought things were finally coming together
I'm just missing my family
Uh, it's not Christmas without going to Nana's house
Well, maybe this will make things better
I wanted to clear the air between us, so
I made you some Christmas cookies
You made these?
Processed in a factory
That's what I call my kitchen
Expired in 2017
I was looking out for your health
There's a price tag right-
Yeah, I would love to keep chatting about this but
I think there's more show to do
And it could be time for another song

There you are Kacey
Thanks for coming!
Of course!
I got a brand new song, you wanna sing it?