Deerhunter - Blue Agent

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Lirik Deerhunter - Blue Agent

When your range is off
When you call that complete
Your finished task was a burden
I'll give you that to concede

If you wear a mask
If you wear a badge
If you're lost in the curtains of time
You'll be erased

Sleep tight, gold night
Protect my brain
I was bright, I was right
All the time

If you ever need to talk
I won't be around
If you ever need to fight for life
I'll make no sound

I completed your task
It was much too tough
Your burdens now were twice removed
It must be rough

I use my golden light to find a way
Your bones they were always, they were always in my way
The fire finds a way to completely erase
I followed you out
You threw up and you complained
And I bide my time, and I hide my glory away
In the basement room where you used to kneel and pray

If you need a friend now
Better look some place else
You burned this bridge long ago
Here's to your health
I'm a blue light, I'm a crippled coward
Shining out in the night
The sky is clearer now that I'm filled with fright