Deerhunter - Death in Midsummer

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Lirik Deerhunter - Death in Midsummer

Come on down from that cloud
And cast your fears aside

You're all here and there
And there's nothing inside

May God's will be done
In these poisoned hills

And let the devil be cast out on his jail

There was a voice that called me
There was a light that burned me

Come on and let's be sure
Let's not pave the way

Your friends have died
And their lives, they just fade away

Some worked the hills
Some worked in factories
Worked their lives away

And in time, you will see your own life fade away

There was no time to go back
There was no time to go back
Come on!

They were in hills
They were in factories
They are in graves now

They were in debt to themselves
And what is it made of now?

I go around and feel how it fades
I walk around and I see what's fading
Walk around and you'll see how it fades
Walk around and you'll see what's faded