Deerhunter - Détournement

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Lirik Deerhunter - Détournement

Good morning to Japan
And the eastern sunrise
Over these majestic cliffs
And the vultures circling
Hello to salt water and good times
And there is not much left to go
Your struggles won't be long
And there will be no sorrow on the other side
Only three freedoms and range of texts
[?], old times coming back
Hello to Europe and your gardens wet with rain
Hello to Spain
There is some form of art left
That we can imagine a world drawn piece for piece
And we can contact the higher spirits from our electronic brains
Hello to America and many lines drawn across America
Hello to California, with your mists of driftwood and rock
And giant redwoods casting shadows on the past


Hello Russia
Hello Australia
Eternal jet lag
And time starts to run backwards
Hello eternal return
Eternal détournement