Deerhunter - Nitebike

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Lirik Deerhunter - Nitebike

I was spinning my big wheels
They were stuck and I was stuck to them
The night was clear
and I was queer
And I was only of age one year

I was on the cusp of a breakthrough
When they took me out
and stuck it in
It went so deep, man
it leaves scars you relate to
Are only burdens to me

I was a dream, a dream, a dream of my self
I was no longer in good health

Have you ever been here?
Or someplace else you can relate to
Out of fear,
out of trials and error

I was no longer mine
I had pantomimed
I had felt for lights
I had grown to find
I had no place in mind
When I began to drive
No destination
No destination

You can feel my pain?
You want to relate,
you want to stay

I was feeling real bad
And I had found all my problems
I had found all my problems
They came flying up to me