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DJ Shadow - Two Notes (feat. Barny Fletcher)

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Lirik DJ Shadow - Two Notes (feat. Barny Fletcher)

My charisma this evening be knee deep in the ceiling
I'll rip you apart but leave eyes, yeah the jeans that you be in
I'm a seasonal demon, I check w-w-w-weight
Cleaning my plates 'til they glisten
Lick 'em in sideway figures of eight

Cos I'mma
Light years ahead
Like... yeah, you dead
I'm glad you made it for the saturated flow though
And that's a great approach but for the main show
I'm tryna' make it so my domain is just unobtainable
My contacts will cataract your gang of rats
I'm Hades in HD spit out the Adderall
I see flames and red, I'm AMC the talking dead
Halo hangs on my rack of hats, shotgun stays in the cabinet
Your kinda funny
Acting clueless like Monsanto do bout, poisoning tummies
Already poison in me from eating hoisin and kimchi
I stare into the void and say 'oh boy I don't got it in me'

You so damn obvious
I catch thieves in my sleep and might start messing with mafias
It's not that I am confident, just not afraid of the consequence
Not afraid of the critics, I ape, I mock all you mimics, listen
'Caw' the call of the crows, they follow me where I go
They help me remember faces and sing for me at my shows
I don't, don't catch bodies no
I catch hotties though
In a lobby, in Wyoming, with Arapahos

New semester, classroom 3
I want you sat next to me
I don't wanna another year of loving someone who don't even know of my existence you know how to make an entrance
Why not shine on me?
Or maybe you could try at least?
Cos you fly as bees
We could climb on trees

Whole lotta little stories circulating from the lips
Tryna' give a chap stick, for getting on with my shit
Rebel without a pause, a snooze, without a quit
I bring the noise, they turn it up to a level more adequate
My dentist said
'Are you here for the sedatives?'
'Nah I came for the crown, cos it's sensitive'
I lean back, breathe in, and west I drift
Wake up with gold in my mouth and an apprenticeship
Before I start, I hope I haven't bitten more than I chew
But that's the cold fact and it really rings true
We leave rooted makers nameless
Yet make stupid fakers famous
'We like watching them, they do the stupid shit, we won't do!'

Mayday mayday you in trouble
May daisy chains guard your bubble
May crazy rains bestow you
May hungry flames singe your stubble
I'm a psychic on the run
That's a medium at large
Stroke my ego in interviews
That's a media massage
Look how quick he leaks huh
Thats a Julian Assange
See I'm quick to catch a snitch
Pree my Harry Potter scars
Now we setting the bar
Open a bottle have some Moscato
I'm with Shadow in Colorado
The Rockies will fall undoubtedly
Avalanches surrounding me
It's a deadly combination
Better jump on the count of 3

Dancing in the street we don't give a fuck
They say turn it down, so we turn it up
Keep it playing loud so they call a cop
Are you gonna leave?
Say we will but we fuckin' won't

Dancing in the street we don't give a fuck
They say turn it down, so we turn it up
Keep it playing loud so they call a cop
Are you gonna leave?
Say we will but we fuckin' won't

Ah shit, what a tiresome day
You are my kin like a nice brûlée
See, I got As all through my high school days
And when I say As, I ain't mean in grades
I mean dames with braids
And some Janes with manes
I used to sleep in Geometry
Cos I ain't in shape

I'm on a word rollercoaster
I should print the lyrics and put 'em up on a poster
Learn it like ya 'posed to
I see she be walking over
Tell me 'Send your girl a message and tell her that it's over'
X's and O
Get up and go
Red is my rose
I eat breakfast in Tiffany
The rumours are true man
Your not my cuppa tea
I like my own company
This has been Two Notes
Thank you Shadow for having me