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Mary J. Blige - Feel Inside (feat. Nas)

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Lirik Mary J. Blige - Feel Inside (feat. Nas)

Turn the track up a little bit
We need to rock in here

I wanna make you happy

I'm not at all happy or elated, this category ain't my favorite
It's my story, I'mma state it, you could love it or hate it
I'm just a misfit blessed with good dick and intelligence
Hood nigga holding no grudges on petty shit
I started, why are we cold-hearted, so guarded
Scared to get hurt, trying not to love the hardest
That's garbage, remember when we loved each other
Bathtub scrubbed each other, chillin', champagne spillin'
Uh, feelin' like the shit gon' last forever
Time went so fast, we had a blast together
Laughs we had, friends we spent time with
Now I be seeing your friends out, then I'm reminded
How we all used to gather up for the holidays
Now your friends all nervous to speak, they act afraid
I was your bestie, how it get to this
As I reminisce, takin' off my MJs in my empty crib

I wanna make you happy
But you just don't see it
I wanna be around, babe
But I'm so tired of competing
We say all the wrong things
Till we make each other cry
What are we doing?
Will it ever get better?
My heart, my soul
I gave, it's yours
I can't get back
All the things that I lost
Boy, I love you
But you're pushing me away

I gave you everything that I got
Watched my feelings walk on by
Ever get sick of trying?
This is how I feel inside

Now I was hoping
We'd get through this together
You said you'd love me
Through all types of stormy weather
Wasn't it you who said
We'd be together for all time
But it keeps messing with my mind
My heart, my soul
I gave, it's yours
I can't get back
All the things that I lost
I need you here near me
But I can't make you stay


I never thought that I would have this feeling
Do you think for once that you can truly mean it
Wasting so much time disagreeing
See, I'm to the point where I don't know what I believe in

If you don't want this, I don't want this, I do my morning crunches
Play my jazz, pray to the east, and watch the sunset
Uh, but yet I was blowin' you up the other night
Could tell your girl was telling you what to write back
Tell me why it's like that

So make up your mind, boy decide
We can't go on like this, this ain't right (it ain't right)
Feeling really bad, feeling kinda low
Think it's time to go