Kacey Musgraves - Nana! (Interlude)

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Lirik Kacey Musgraves - Nana! (Interlude)

You guys really haven't seen that star topper for the tree?
No. Have you checked the top of the tree?
Not helpful dude
Who could that be?
I don't think I even know any more duets

I thought you might like this
Where'd you find that?
You left it at my house last Christmas
Come here, come here, I missed you
I can't believe, what are you doing? Oh my-
Come here
I have so much to show you
I've been filming this amazing thing
You came all the way here from Texas?
I did
Yeah? How was the drive?

And so, as Kacey hugged her nana
Our age old tale of Christmas seemed to be coming to a close

I love you
I love you more
Christmas is not Christmas without you, so thanks for coming
Thank you

The whole world is very, very sweet
So sweet, but this narrator has to leave

Whoa, uh, where are you going?
Sorry, I, I gotta run
Like, right now?
Yeah, um, seeing you with our nana
My nana
It just reminded me that
This isn't just some big corporate holiday, it's
It's also about being with the people you love
And getting gifts
So, I booked a flight home
Wow, uh, that's, that's really sweet
Thank you so much
Little unprofessional
But I get it
And the Christian half of me finally gets what this holiday's all about
You did it Kacey, look around
You made Christmas happen
Merry Christmas, Dan
Merry Christmas, Kacey
Also, taking a gift
Beautiful home
Love what you did with it